The John Kirby Studio



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  1. Jason W says:

    John Kirby is a great acting coach and the atmosphere is professional and challenging. He selects the scenes from current stage and screen works with substance. For instance, one of the scenes I worked on was Sam Shepards ‘Lie of the Mind.’ From what I recall, he will assign you a scene and have you do it two to three weeks in a row, making changes from his notes and directions. He will probably meet with you and have you do a monologue to check out your skill level. Then he will place you in one of his three classes. He also does private coaching. John is the private coach also for many children on set and for Jim Caviezel. He has been teaching for many years and I highly recommend him.

  2. Claudia M says:

    John is the best acting coach I’ve ever had. I’ve taken his class, as well as privates with him & he is very professional and attuned to the actor’s sensibilities. His coaching approach is very organic and there is much to be learned from his many years in the business. He keeps his class sizes small and matches you up with a scene partner, assigning you a particular scene & character. I found John’s class challenging, insightful, and very supportive. There are no egos here. It is all about the work!

  3. Peter W. says:

    The descriptions about John Kirby’s methods of teaching are very accurate and haven’t changed to this day. There is one thing that both mildly addressed by didn’t completely bring to focus.

    I worked with Mr. Kirby on 2 different auditions, both of which I got the parts for. What I would like to stress is not only Mr. Kirby’s level of technical expertise but also the fact that, unlike so many acting coaches out here, he doesn’t just look at you as a few more dollar signs. Mr. Kirby gives every student 110% of himself as a human being.

    He could just spout Uta Hagen or Meisner at you (as so many coaches do) but instead really gets to know who you are so he can pull everything there is inside of you out so that it can be put in a role. His patience (and the first time I saw him I probably tried his patience, but you’d never know it) seems unending. He will work with you past the point that most acting teachers to. Most will work with you until you and the role are “one”. John takes you that extra step where you go from being “one” with the role to BEING the role.

    I was a hard headed student the first time I worked with him, probably because I had become so jaded by other coaches. But he just remained calm, steady and professional. He even called me at home one night to tell me he had thought of another way for me to approach a problem I was having. Find ANY other acting coach of his caliber in this town who would do that. Every person who works with him IS his priority.

  4. That’s his phone number in the listing.

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